I haven’t seen many movies at our local mall. Usually they show Asian movies that are gory/supernatural (a la the Ring), kung-fu types (Jackie Chan), or love stories. Here’s an example of what’s coming up at the Lot 1 Shoppers Mall. Wonder twin powers activate!


This week I noticed that Babel was playing – I think it got nominated for a Best Movie Oscar. I was excited that such a movie made it all the way out to the boonies, so I slipped out this afternoon to go see it. It was a well done movie, much better than You, Me and Dupree, the last movie I saw at the theater and all the actors were fabulous and the filming was well done, but I walked out about 15 minutes away from the end because my stomach was churning and I wanted to heave my curry puff I had smuggled in and ate during the first 2 minutes of the previews. I just can’t deal with all the sad things happening, especially to people who weren’t adults yet. Shot at, getting left in the middle of the desert, watched mom jump to her death. Not a fun way to spend a few free hours. What was I thinking? I just can’t deal with such drama as entertainment.

On a lighter note, Vince was Edda’s therapist today.




Scientific name: Cuphea hyssopifolia
Common name: Mexican heather
Location: Singapore

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