So that lunch happened a bit faster than I thought it would. Laff.

I got together with the guy I met last night at the happy hour, Joe. It was a good lunch. He’s a talkative guy. He actaully works down the street from where I live. We went off to eat at Banana Leaf – a staple for good malaysian food. It was super buys at lunch, and Joe actaully knows the manager. They were hugging and chatting. I think usually his connections get him in, but not today.

I hadn’t seen Joe in like 5 years, and while we were waiting, he actually bumped into some girl that he hadn’t seen in like 5 years. She was cute, dressed well – heels under some fancy jeans, highlighted hair. Pretty social. She small talked me a bit and got my age out of me. Found out she’s from MD and her sisters went to MIT. Sorry folks, don’t think she’s for me tho. How’s that for a build up? Hahah.

Joe and I had a good lunch. Talked a bit about his engagement which was a surprise whirlwind to hawaii to watch the sunset on xmas day. Also we talked quite a bit about strategizing to meet women, about happy hour partys and how you can host parties and such. Maybe not a bad idea. Also we talked a little shop about Java too. 🙂 I have to say, I guess software dev is messed up everywhere. Heh.

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