Come in from the cold!

Look who came to visit us all the way from the other side of the world!


Emy! A coconut drink and flip flops. What else does anyone need in February? Oh yes, the beach!



First repeat done on Pomatomus. Isn’t it so cool? I don’t think the stripes on the yarn take away too much from the curved ribby-ness the pattern.


It is a ribbed pattern which means stretch and it expands to at least twice it’s relaxed state. But I didn’t force the issue too much because I didn’t want to stretch out the sock before it’s even worn.

I still have to look at the pattern to remind myself every row and I mark down every done row. I figure as my lace knitting gets better, I can do less notetaking.


I’m a little stuck with plant IDs now. All palm trees look the same to me. I will try to get some better pictures soon.

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  1. Oh you guys! We actually went to the beach first and Edda got completely wet and this was getting out of the wet clothes and into the dry clothes.

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