Salsa Unamas!

Laff, So we ended up going salsa dancing again tonight. And guess what? She was there!

Haha. okay. I’m joking. I shouldn’t play with my readership so much. 😛 Laff. But it was a good time had by all, tho I must admit last week was more fun in my eyes. We had a ton of people show up. Betty and her friend Andi, Nasreen, JT and Frank, Some other church folks, Cindy, Annie, Kevin, Dawn, Caroline and Misha. Most everyone was a beginner, but it was good, since we were mostly women, and there are always guys out there to ask them to dance. 🙂

Of course, there’s a creepy guy who’s after nasreen, but she did dance with someone who she wanted to dance with, and he was very patient with her.

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