Decorating the house.

We share the elevator lobby with three other apartments and everyone else has put up cute little Chinese New Year decorations in their doorway. I didn’t want to be a poor sport and I really want to celebrate this year, so I went to our local bakery and looked at the goodies and decorations they had in stock.


It’s the year of the pig!


I’ve been a discouraged about Edda recently. She’s making progress at her own pace, but it’s very, very slow. So slow and so tedious. Things are just so hard for her – going up stairs, telling us that she wants something – I usually am OK with it all and I think how lucky we are that we are together, it’s just that when I’m feeling blue it just seems so bleak. I didn’t write about it when I was feeling really badly a few days ago, I do feel much better now.



Scientific name: Bauhinia
Common name: Orchid tree
Location: Singapore

5 thoughts on “Decorating the house.”

  1. Just remember, Edda is making progress!! Stairs are a huge challenge, as is communicating…Stairs are one of Caitlyn’s main PT goals, and a year ago at 2 1/2 she couldn’t do it without holding two hands, and it was really sloppy…Now, she is expected to reach her goal of going up and down 4 stairs without assistants!

    Hang in there and take the little progress..little and slow is better than not at all! 🙂

  2. Emy! I can’t wait to see you too! I’m so glad that Jeremy could make this happen.

    Dad, thanks for your support especially – it means the world to me. And it is so true, we are surrounded by people who love us. We are very lucky.

    Rebecca – I know, you are so right! I am encouraged by the progress that Edda’s made. I am so proud of her. Slow and steady…

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