I spy.


Vince and I spent sometime today searching for hidden objects in an I Spy book. I would list this as one of my talents. I’m pretty good at finding something hidden or something different in a group of objects. I like puzzles in general and I can do them fairly quickly although I think Donald is better at them than I am. Why couldn’t my strength be something more useful like negotiating a better price on a car or public speaking or writing or even parallel parking? Hmmm, just give me a pile of buttons and I can find the two that match for you! Whoop-dee-doo.



I couldn’t ID this plant.
Location: Singapore

3 thoughts on “I spy.”

  1. Maybe Edda is a bit of a puzzle. You are very good with her even when you think you are not. See I think it is so cool that you can do puzzles. I cannot. Josh would love a mom like you. My eyes glaze over and I get bored soooo fast.

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