Maybe singles are boring too?

Hrm… A friend of mine is having a broomball party this Sat, and they needed some extra people. That’s cool. I fired off an email to all my single friends. Not a one replied. Only Shwe. 🙂 Oh well. Perhaps single people are boring as well? 😛

Tonight, I finished off Guitar Hero 2’s hard mode, passing all the songs, and I managed to get 13 deep into the Expert songs. Why is this important? it’s not. Just fun. The bummer is that my GH2 disc is scratched so some of the songs won’t play properly. That’s a huge bummer. I’ll probably contact the manufacturer and see if they will be nice at all..

Also another huge bummer, Wed night, on my ride back home in the dark, my super nice $$$ bike light, came off my handlebars, and proceeded to launch directly into my front wheel. Of course, the wheel won, and the power cable got cut in half. Grr. I’m probably out a benjamin for that one… sigh. Choon and Pei-Sun gave me a ride home thankfully. It gave me a chance to catch up with them and have a yummy falafel wrap for dinner.

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