Just a list.


  • I applied to nursing school today.
  • Edda is not sleeping well. We started her on 1mg of melatonin today.
  • The Rett paper made the NY Times. It was buried deep in the Health Section.
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    Pine tree

    Scientific name: Pinus caribaea
    Common name: Pine tree
    Location: Singapore!

    4 thoughts on “Just a list.”

    1. Why not med school instead of nursing school? You are one of the smartest women I’ve ever met so I know you could do the work. Plus, both are very difficult. Is it a time issue? Just wondering?

      P.S. I actually prefers the nurses over the docters almost every time.

    2. There are a few reasons I don’t want to go to med school. The first is the big, big, D. Debt. Don’t want to have it. Second is sleep. I don’t want to do those crazy 36 hour shifts as a resident. Third, I don’t want to move to a random place on match.com. Sometime during “becoming a doctor” you have to get up and move to some place they tell you and you pretty much have to do it. I can’t do crap like that anymore.

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