Fun friday.

I love Fridays! I love thinking that it’s almost the weekend.


It rained today. I picked Jeremy up from work. Orange umbrella and a backpack – as if he’s coming home from elementary school – so adorable. Hee hee.

Edda is mouthing less, but I won’t talk about it too much. Don’t want to jinx it.

Nursing school is full until fall of 2008. Bleh! Argh!


Cocos nucifera

Scientific name: Cocos nucifera
Common name: Coconut!
Location: Singapore

One thought on “Fun friday.”

  1. He does look really cute. I sure do get your reasons for not wanting to go to med school. But I may still call you “Dr. Doris” or “Dr. Matin” for kicks. Hang in there with nursing school even though it is full. You’ll get in when the time is right.

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