I’ve been thinking today about fundraising for Rett research. Jeremy and I had talked earlier this year about things that we could do to raise money for research. Dinners at our house, a fundraising party, mailings, etc. It’s just not much fun asking people for money. I can’t even ask anyone to borrow money for a bus fare home.

I should set a modest goal and get started.

6 thoughts on “Fundraising.”

  1. Well, I think it is better to earn money with proper means to donate than to ask people to donate. Donation is just a pain in the neck, to me at least. First, most people can’t donate too much, too often to become sustainable. Then, the tough part is to show the donors that the money is well spent, no matter how small they are.

    Well, I am interested to know and will donate but no asking people to donate – just not in my blood.

  2. I am thinking to donate my time to help researchers after my retirement. I can wash some tubes and do some data entries at JHU. Right now, I should be able to donate money.

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