Happy Hour Report…

I think there are some people waiting for this.. so here goes.

It was about what I expected. I actually had a lot of fun because Andi (pronounced ah-n-dee, not and-ee) was there and we were good wingpersons to each other. Andi, was at salsa last night, and is a friend of Betty’s. She likes to call me “Bailador”. I guess the highlight of the evening is that we both decided to crash into people’s conversations together, since, hey, people are there to meet people, and we’ve got some strength in numbers. So we crashed some convo, and it was fine. Andi was more chatty than I was. There was a cute girl in that group, but she had just come from Columbia, and had only spoken english for a year. Actually her english was pretty good, but somehow I couldn’t think of anything to talk about. I didn’t have small talk power tonight. I think Andi actaully went out with them to coffee afterwards.

Jason and Pei-Sze were there, but they both looked a bit bored. We were chit-chating a bit about the event and had a couple of good laughs. 🙂

And that’s all she wrote. Kinda fun to have wingpeople. Kinda sucks that you have form words with your mouth.

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