Happy Hour…

Tonight I went off to the Buddha Lounge, for my first Happy Hour event. It was an Asian filled crowd, and I didn’t really know anyone there. Some observations – It really hard to tell what people look like in a dimmly lit bar. Even if you can get a good look at them, honestly, everyone looks the same to some extent. While I don’t discount the possibility of meeting someone at a bar, it’s hard to see anything that sorta pops out at you. It’s all physical stuff to go by, when you decide you want to talk to a girl.

I mingled a bit. Sorta proud of myself. I knew this one guy there and we chatted for a bit. He just got engaged and his fiance was there. Nice guy. I gave him my card and we’ll probbaly do lunch on Friday sometime. I thought I saw Choon’s old dance partner at the bar. I went up to say hello, but it wasn’t her. I forget what her name was. I totally pulled the “I know you from somewhere” pick up line. Laff. Anyways, I didn’t press the conversation since it was very apparent that she was with another guy at the bar.

I actually don’t mind mingling – as much as I thought I would. It’s fairly easy once you have an in with some folks. I wanted to mingle some more. There was another in with some folks, if Ray didn’t chicken out. He could’ve talked to this girl that was talking the host of the party. I wanted him to introduce me to the host, so he could talk to the girl, but no dice. You gotta go with people who are willing to put themselves out there a little bit.

Anyways, We’ll see how the next one goes. I probably know even fewer people for that one.. laff.

oh also I should say that I drank more tonight than I usually do. 1/4 bottle of (crappy) red wine that was on sale. A scotch and soda, which is a man’s drink according to Mike, and an amaretto sour – a good girlie drink with a macchiano(sp?) cherry. 🙂

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  1. I hate to mingle especially when you are at a place specifically for mingling. The Buddha Lounge, is it a new place? I like gin and tonics these days, but only during summer which is what it’s like here always.

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