Switching beds.

Look who is always in our bed in the morning.


Last night, it wasn’t until Edda woke me up at 5:00 am that I realized I was sandwiched between my two guys – usually I notice when Vince slips in next to me.

About a week ago, Edda started not sleeping or eating as well as she had been previously. I remember when Vince’s rhythms were off – it usually preceded a developmental milestone. He can walk! He can talk! He knows how to swipe a credit card! Now with Edda, I think the same thing – her brain is changing somehow and I’m looking for changes in her. Is she mouthing differently? More tippy, losing her balance more easily? Is she paying more attention to me when I call her name? Maybe it is something as simple as her growth is slowing down. Anyways, her eating of 2 full plates of spaghetti and an orange and a tub of cottage cheese at dinner is something that isn’t sustainable in the long run anyways.


My Pomatomus socks are coming along. This morning for an hour, I sat at McDonald’s knitting. It kind of a pain for a travel project, I have to have the pattern unfurled at all times and I have to pay attention to the changing patterns.


I didn’t order any hash browns, I usually feel like I need to rent my seat time with a small order, but there were many empty tables and the morning was just so beautiful.


I haven’t found any new flowers recently, I think I have to start photographing trees, but I’m a bit unsure about how to do this. Do I take a picture of the whole tree? Or just the leaves of the tree?


Scientific name: Pelargonium zonale
Common name: Geranium
Location: Austin, TX

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