Auntie antics.

I took the bus downtown this morning to go to a doctor’s appointment. Our apartment is just a minute away from the subway station and bus terminal. During rush hour, I prefer the bus. The bus originates from the terminal, so I always can get a seat for the 45 minute ride.

The buses come every 8-10 minutes so when I showed up and no one was in line, I figured a bus had just come. I pulled out some note paper and was sketching some drawings and I didn’t notice the people lining up behind me. To prevent crowding at the bus terminals, there are metal fences that ensure everyone stands in single file in the order they arrive. It’s like being herded.

By now, there are about 15 people in line. Anyhow, the 180 pulls up and as it comes to a stop, a little old lady cuts in front of me to get into the bus first! I have no idea if she was 2nd in line or if she dissed all those other people in line too.


She doesn’t look evil, huh? Singaporeans are known for being rude and the aunties are the worst offenders.

Of course, since I was downtown, I did a little window shopping for Jeremy. Look what I found at Burberry – perfect for the office. Oh yes, and the manly bracelet too.



I have to say that IDing palm trees is not easy.


Scientific name: Areca catechu
Common name: Betel Nut Palm
Location: Singapore

Where the infamous betel nut comes from!

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