I’m done being the chump.

I’m pretty much .0001mm away from canceling my climbing membership. It’s fun. I like it. But week in and week out, I always end up feeling left out on a limb to hang. Granted, I totally understand people have different priorities than climbing. I totally understand. Let me repeat that, I totally understand – it’s expensive, it takes some dedication, people have definitely much more important serious life events happening. I get it. I get it. But I’m out there, standing alone at the gym, waiting for people to show up, when they say they will show up, and they don’t and I feel like an idiot. Is climbing not fun? do people not enjoy it?

I wouldn’t mind doing it on my own, but climbing requires a partner, someone else to show up at the gym. In the past 4 months, I don’t think anyone has asked me if I want to go climbing with them. I’m always the one pushing it. Maybe cause I still think people are interested in it. Maybe I”m wrong. Maybe I’m being too pushy. Maybe my hope that it is a fun thing for friends to do it expecting too much. Is climbing not fun? Do people not enjoy it?

Ugh. The only thing that’ll save me from dropping it, is if these folks that I met at the gym are willing to partner up with me. But I’m pretty much done asking. If people are interested in climbing, then they know where to find me.

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