Now I’ve done it, new domain name!

We’re now! Pretty cool, huh?

Edda expressed her displeasure quite loudly this morning when we dropped her off at school. Apparently she thought she was coming with us to eat breakfast and to climb to the top of Mount Faber. We forget sometimes how much she understands and so this morning in the car we were happily chatting about the morning plans and maybe she was pleased that Vince wasn’t coming with us (he had already been dropped off at his school). She made her crooked, sad, pouty face when we pulled into the driveway next to all the school buses.

Jeremy’s been preoccupied with Edda’s crooked frown. Since she constantly mouths her right hand, that side of her face is stretched out and droopy; when she frowns, she frowns extra deep on the right.

She didn’t miss much, Mt Faber is not very exciting (especially since all the restaurants were closed and we were starving).


Later on in the day, we did find something more kid friendly.


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