Saturday night the Karims and I got dressed to the nines and went to Cafe Cocomo in the city. As forturne would have it Choon and PS and Lynn were all in the city programming and they came to join us. The funny thing was Cafe Cocomo has a dress code, so I ended up sorta breaking into Choon’s house to grab some shoes and pants for him. 🙂

We were there to introduce Nasreen to social dance, as a way to meet people. Also Arif and Tahera like going to the city because there are all these boring married people in Palo Alto. And I was there to meet folks too I would say. 🙂

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun dancing than Saturday night. Usually I’m somewhat nervous stepping onto the dance floor – the pressure of leading, the pressure of is the woman having a fun time, the pressure of keeping the rhythm (because like Doris, I have none.) I like salsa in this regard, cause all the steps are on the beat. It’s very easy. Swing and triple stepping always seem to screw me up.

There was a beginners class at 8pm, and I actually met some nice people in class. When we initially choose partners, this one girl Amanda, immediately came up to me to be my partner. She seemed cool, and as it turns out was the gossip/entertainment for the night. 🙂 When the dance floor opened up, I wanted to ask her to dance because she was one of the cooler folks that I had danced with in the class. She made it really easy – no pressure to lead, just have fun, and if I messed up, just sorta laugh, freestyle and start up again. Also, laughing came easy for her. It seemed like she had a really easy going personality. Her sense of style wasn’t bad either. Not exactly pigtails, but two blonde braids that came down behind her head to shoulder length, and she wore a brown midthigh length cotton dress over jeans. And we had a good time.

By this time, I’m sure everyone sitting on the couch was elbowing each other. 😛 They said as much when I sat down after the song. Amanda, came by again later in the night before she left, to have her last dance with me, which was a lot of fun also. Afterwards, tho, everyone was grilling me on why I didn’t get her phone number. Reason – I’m stupid? I dunno. I’m just getting over the hump of dancing with random people. One thing at a time.

Anyways, after the dance, Arif mentioned that he knew exactly where she worked because Amanda had told him exaclty which school she worked at as a teacher. So of course, Google is quite useful in this regard, and I found her friendster page online. Hrm.. laff.

So I suppose everyone is egging me on at this point. Dunno what I’m going to do.

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  1. Go, Donald, Go! Go, Donald, Go! Hmmm, everyone is findable these days huh? (always carry a metronome in your pocket. tick tock tick tock.)

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