I’m not a religious person, and yet I do hang out with some fairly religious people. I feel honored to call some of them my friends and even family, and like some family, their way of expressing that comes out in strange ways. It’s maybe not want you are expecting, but it’s touching at the same time.

2 examples from this weekend:

– Apparently, Nasreen’s mom thinks I should convert to Islam. At first when I heard Arif tell me this (on the way back from salsa), I was shocked. Nasreen’s mom is a very nice gentle lady – she doesn’t seem, to me anyways, of being one of those heavy handed religious people. I mean sure she’s religious, but she’s nice. Arif explained it to me that Nasreen’s mom, just likes me, and thinks I’m worthy of conversion, which makes total sense.

– Tonight, at the hottub, JT and Frank and I were talking – about girls of course, potentials and ex’s. JT made a comment, that he thought that God was looking out for him, and Frank, and (pause) even me. It was the first time that I’ve ever heard of JT referencing my “relationship” with God. He paused, because I think he knew he was going into unchartted territory, but I understood him. It was his way of accepting me within his own context. It moved me. We were in a fairly deep and revealing conversation, it’s probably the longest we’ve ever staying in the hotub for – 2hours and 40 minutes. (There’s another funny story from Sunday, that I don’t think I should blog about in a public forum, because there’s a slight possibility that people will find it and read it. I’ll post it on another private blog. If you need details, ahem… I’ll be happy to forward.)

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