Someone vote me off this island!

Day #3 at home with sick Edda. I’m going crazy!

We had chocolate feeding. A snack with cracker sticks that you first dip into chocolate frosting and then dip the frosting covered breadstick into sprinkles. Perfect for breakfast. Edda rejected chocolate! See how ill she is?

DSC06359 DSC06360 DSC06361

We had Vince put together an installation of his art. Medium – cardboard, ribbon and paper. He insisted on doing this all shirtless. I fought with him for a while about the shirt but I knew I was going to lose even before I started.




Lucky Ruby renovated and upgraded her crate with a sheepskin. Now, at night, she refuses to sleep with us at the foot of our bed. I am a bit offended by her preference of comfort and privacy over loyalty. Humpf. (Edit: Jeremy just reminded me that I do the same thing to him. Some nights I want my own bed, so I sneak off to the guest room where I can wrap the whole comforter around me like a cocoon. Ah, oh well, isn’t one suppose to be most critical of things that remind one of oneself? Sigh.)



I am 4 rows from finishing Icarus. I’m sure you guys are excited for me.




Scientific name: Allamanda cathartica
Common name: Cherries Jubilee
Location: Singapore

3 thoughts on “Someone vote me off this island!”

  1. Hrm. no chocolate! what’s wrong with that girl?

    white space: just deleted all the carriage returns within your HTML. I think blogger translates that into &ltp&gt’s creating all the white space.

  2. That’s funny – Brooke has also rejected chocolate. If I wasn’t there for the birth I would doubt her relation to me!

    Vince’s art installation looks fab!!

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