Half eaten food.

I’ve been reading some food blogs and I salivate over their food photography. Someday I will learn how to photo food beautifully. I think the first step might be to remember to take the picture before eating the food.

My one-eyed giant that Jeremy made me for breakfast:


My lunch from Annalakshmi, a veggie Indian place. I have a lot to learn about food photography, this looks downright unappealing even though it was tasty.



Hooray for finding out my secret pal! Thank you for the goodies! I’m still hoping that last package will make it here before I leave the island…

Down to the edging on Icarus.



Belamcanda chinensis

Scientific name: Belamcanda chinensis
Common name: Blackberry lily
Location: Singapore

3 thoughts on “Half eaten food.”

  1. Hi Doris!

    I was thinking about you today and realized I hadn’t read your blog in a long time….then looked at my bloglines and you were gone?!?!? I have no idea how that happened!

    WOW, you are almost done with Icarus! I started one day, realized that Addi’s wouldn’t work, went to get a bamboo needle and that was the end of it!

  2. Did you know in a past life I worked on commercials? The secret to food photography is gross things like spraying the food with shellacor laquer etc. to make it shiny, caro syrup and food coloring is great for sauces. Eggs whites and pastry brushes are a must. The list just goes on and on. The secret to food photography is lying.

  3. Hi Lynae – I thought I would never see the end of it! But yes, I’m so close to being done. Thanks for being the inspiration…

    Sheila – I had no idea you were involved with the media. I think that all that weird food styling stuff is replaced by photoshop. So easy and a lot less sticky than caro syrup..

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