What a mess.

While asleep, Edda overwhelmed her diaper and urine spilled out onto her PJs and the sheets. The kids room was getting musty in a disgusting kind of way and the overflowing diaper finally made us rip off the sheets and upturn the mattresses and turn off the air conditioners in the house and let everything air out. Why is the lampshade at the base of the lamp? Good question! We have no idea.


The house was in sad shape today, which made it a perfect day for a stranger (a guy estimating how much stuff there is to move back to the US) to come into the house and look in every single room and closet. Hooray for me and my stellar housekeeping abilities!




I had to use a lifeline today for Icarus. I wasn’t really paying attention and my rows got shifted off by a stitch and everything got screwed up. I hate ripping out work, so I tried for a little while to see if I could fudge the stitches to make it look OK, but when you are off by one stitch in lace for most of a row, it just looks bad, bad, bad.



Caryota mitis

Scientific name: Caryota mitis
Common name: Fishtail palm
Location: Singapore

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