Bathroom mirror.


As I wait for Vince
I look at my reflection
Was the toilet flushed?


Picovoli is a raglan sweater and knit in one piece from the collar to the waistband.

You can see the raglan sleeve forming here with increases on either side of the stitch marker. Where my little finger pokes out from under the fabric is where the opening for my head is. The collar is curling around itself (not unexpectedly), so I wonder how it will flatten out in the end.


I was awake way past my normal bedtime and I inadvertently put increases around the stitch marker which indicates the back center of the neckline. Whoops! I took out the increases, but it left stretched out stitches. I’m not ripping back for this, instead I think I’m going to try and even it out with the rest of the row using a crochet hook. I hope it isn’t too much slack to hide.


As I was discovering that knitting (and surfing about knitting) does not really put me to sleep, I found a knot in my ball of yarn. I decided then that I needed to go to bed.



Thumbergia erecta

Scientific name: Thumbergia erecta
Common name: King’s Mantle
Location: Singapore

One thought on “Bathroom mirror.”

  1. Doris- Friday is Vince’s birthday. Can we call him this weekend? If so, what number do we call.

    Love the bathroom poem.

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