Blogging from Taiwan!

Google is so smart! I knows you are in Taiwan, so it switches everything from English to Chinese in Blogger.

Anyhow, it’s been a whirlwind of friends and food here in Hsinchu where we lived for 6 months in 2002.

Sunday, we went to Be Pu, a small town outside of Hsinchu where the main attraction was grinding your own strange tea. You start with tea, that’s for sure, but then you add sesame seeds, peanuts and pumpkin seeds. Made for a very soupy tea.


On Monday, we went to Linda’s buffet shop and had lunch:


Then we went to Mr. Hung’s house and saw his rabbits. We also met his wife, but I don’t have a photo of her.


The kids are doing great! Vince is good natured about everything being in Chinese, Edda is not fussing too much (this is mainly due to her being entertained by the video iPod). Last night was our main endurance test for the kids, a two hour sit down meal at a fancy restaurant. As usual, Vince was a bit all over the place. Edda was quite vocal, but we lived through it all and had a great time. Jeremy and I laughed because Mr. Hung almost refused our invitation because he only owns sweatpants and thought it might be a bit informal. Dude, no one will notice your sweatpants when you sit next to our circus act!

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