Bum eye.

Last night, Edda cried half the night and we took turns comforting her in the darkness of her room. We had no idea why she was so upset until we got up this morning and took a look at her.


Oh, that swollen eye! Not pink eye, thank goodness, perhaps just an allergy or infection. I still take Edda (for these straightforward diagnosis/medications) to the pediatrician who misdiagnosed her Rett status simply because he’s the closest doctor. I figure if it was anything more serious, I’d just take her to the Children’s Hospital. I think he hasn’t dealt with many special needs kids because he seems a bit hesitant to even touch her.

But Edda did get to miss school (that tricky girl) – by 10:30 am after a dose of Zyrtec and eyedrops, she was as chipper as a beaver in a forest.

Vince did manage to wake up and remember that he was suppose to hand in some homework yesterday so he made Jeremy wait until he rushed through some illegible Chinese.


Hurry up!

During therapy today, Edda had a brief episode which I guess I reluctantly have to label a seizure. Edda has always had brief episodes of being spaced out – most commonly upon being woken up from a nap. Sometimes she will be sleeping soundly, then all of a sudden, her eyes will snap open and she will look around and seemingly not recognize where she is or who I am.

Now these episodes are happening during her awake moments – there was one Monday morning that Jeremy saw – a shivering while watching TV, no loss of balance and then one today during a session with Ranjit, our therapist. Now, these are really, really brief. About 10-15 seconds and then a few minutes to reorient herself to her surroundings as if nothing has ever happened.

Normally, I like to discount Jeremy’s and my observations because we don’t really know what a seizure looks like, but Ranjit surely does and Edda’s teachers, who also are familiar with seizures, also mentioned an episode about two weeks ago. We have an appointment with a neuro next week (which we had already scheduled as a “we are leaving! bye!” kind of appointment) and I suppose we will mention this stuff to her (she’s the one who was very gloomy when she realized what Edda had – basically writing her off), I don’t want to medicated Edda unless the seizures become more serious since the seizure medications have their own nasty side effects.

I thought we might be lucky and not experience any seizures, but now maybe I can just think that we’ll be lucky and the seizures won’t get any worse. Oh, my little soybean, keep that noggin of yours as tidy as you can.


Vince – professional ball winder


Then I stuck it into a yarn bra given to me by Amey. It’s suppose to keep the ball from tangling up.



Thunbergia grandiflora

Scientific name: Thunbergia grandiflora
Common name: Skyflower vine, Clock Vince
Location: Singapore

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