Swing Night…

This is blogged by request for Pei-Yean.

Swing night at Swing Central in Redwood City was tonight. Only Mike and Betty showed up. That was a bit sad, but not unexpected. The crappy thing was that the class that we signed up for was more a styling/variations of the basic step kind of class, not necessarily a beginner’s class. I’m not sure if it’s what Betty had in mind… There was some rambling at the beginning trying to get Mike into a class that he could learn the basic step in. Good thing there was a drop in beginning class starting at 8:15, so Mike really only had to wait an hour or so for it.

Betty and I took the class we signed up for. It was okay. we really didn’t do a lot of actual dancing, sadly. And for the longest time I could only remember the basic step. Ha! It’s been that long. Betty and I stepped into the drop in class with Mike, just to make sure he was okay. It was fun, but I had already learned all that stuff before.

Now I suppose the meat of it… It’s nice to get out on the dance floor. A lot more stuff came to as I started dancing, tho I butchered my Charleston quite a few times. I’m a hella lot more comfortable doing lindy than east coast, but they kept change the tempo of the songs. I couldn’t quite figure it out. And the songs were short. I also still stand at the sidelines waaaaaaay too much. I need to be a bit bolder asking random people to dance.

I think I still like salsa better. for some reason I feel like there’s a better connection with your partner salsa dancing. Swing, it seems everyone’s looking at the floor or their feet or something. Salsa I feel like I can look into someone’s eyes a bit more. Maybe it’s just that you’re always changing distance between your bodies, whereas I feel more intimate salsaing because you move together. Also, sadly, in some way, swing makes me think of Jocelyn and a lot of emotional ruckus I went thru in 2001.. It’s quite possible that’s coloring my perception of the dance a little bit.

Funny moment of the night. I was sitting by the dance floor. Some girl came up to me an asked me if I wanted to dance. I was sorta taken aback, and was like, “uh .. yeah”. “That wasn’t very enthusiastic.”, she responded, semi cheekishly, semi seriously. 😛 She still danced with me, tho I doubt she’d dance with me again. hahhhaha.

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