Feeling much better now, thanks.

One of the aunties at Edda’s school who participated in the durian feast surprised me with a gift of mangosteens. The red part is the peel and you eat the white wedges. I like mangosteens, they are sweet and citrus-y.


Durian is referred to as the “king of fruits” and mangosteens are the “queen of fruits”. You are suppose to eat them together because durians are heat-y and mangosteens are cooling and thus cancel each other out. Kind of like when you counter the bag of Doritos with a diet Coke. It’s like you ate nothing at all!



Scientific name: Lantana
Location: Taiwan

3 thoughts on “Feeling much better now, thanks.”

  1. Sheila, They are actually really really good. Very sweet tho, so I can only eat so many of them, but very good. If you ever make it out there, you should definitely try some. Tastes like a normal fruit, unlike durian.

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