Swing Redux.

It was a good night. I enjoyed myself. I made a pact with myself that I would actaully go out there and ask some random people to dance. It was fine, tho I stayed away from the really good dancers and/or the smokin’ hot ones. Ha!

Mike, Betty, Pei-Yean, & Pei-Sun showed up. Pei-Sun got jacked since they wouldn’t let her stand around and watch, so she had to pay $15 to take the beginning lesson with Pei-Yean and Mike. The funny thing is that thru the whole beginning class, Mike was like “I know you and you know me” to Pei-Sun, since they had met climbing. But I guess Pei-Sun couldn’t quite place Mike until after the class had ended – basically a hour later! Laff.

Pei-Yean did alright. They didn’t get to lindy hopping in the beginning class, but I danced with her a little bit east coast style, and it was fun. At least I had fun. 😛

While everyone was in the beginning class, I was looking on to the advanced class that did a bunch of footwork styling for the swing out. It was interesting.. I’ll have to practice some of that. Choon, I think you would have enjoyed that class.

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