Hands down, baby!

Remember I mentioned that Edda stopped mouthing? It really did happen, a tiny little miraculous wish that somehow was granted, a 20 minute car ride – no mouthing! Eating without needing an arm brace! Napping with 2 arms, each resting peacefully at her side. For 3 days I watched as her compulsion seem to disappear. How could this be?!

I got my hopes up, maybe she’s going to stop – I’ve read stories where one day the person is mouthing and the next day, nothing! But I’ve also read stories about people mouthing for 47 years. Ugh. I know in the grand scheme of things, mouthing is a relatively harmless thing – but it really is just so disgusting.

I should have known (because it has happened before), that my little miracle was just a harbinger of Edda being sick for a whole week and now that she’s feeling chipper again, well…


there you go.


Ta da! Icarus is off the needles.


It’s done! I almost can’t believe it myself, it’s taken so long and so much effort. My hands were shaking during the last half of the bind-off row, but that was probably due to the diet Coke I had earlier. I usually don’t drink caffeine, so when I do, I get extra twitchy.

After I knit the last stitch and pulled out all 10 lifelines, I wrapped it around me a twirled around and around. It’s so nice to have a shawl even though it’s not blocked yet.

I did manage to stain my Inox needles red.


In general, these needles were fine in the beginning of the project, but towards the end, the way that they “clicked” together started giving me the heebie-jeebies. Kind of like fingernails on a chalkboard. I’m not sure what happened at the end, the tips did wear a little, but maybe I was just itching to finish. The join on the needles was also annoying, getting caught on the loops all the time..

So now she sits, waiting to be blocked.


I’ve never blocked a thing in my life – I avoid it like I avoid swatching, but there is no getting around blocking on this project. My main concern is not staining everything I own with the red dye. I will leave this for this weekend.




Scientific name: Anthurium andraeanum
Common name: Anthurium
Location: Singapore

2 thoughts on “Hands down, baby!”

  1. WOW – Icarus is FAB! Was the linen nice to knit? Sorry it turned your needles red.

    I never believed in blocking either until I blocked a sweater before seaming….it worked wonders!

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