My little boy is 5!

I can not believe that Vince is 5 today! We partied all day long!


Now the kids are asleep and we are packing, packing, packing for our trip to Taiwan tomorrow. (At least the washer got fixed! Woo hoo! Didn’t think that was going to happen…)


Spathodea campanulata

Scientific name: Spathodea campanulata
Common name: African tulip tree
Location: Singapore

4 thoughts on “My little boy is 5!”

  1. It was so great to hear his little voice last night. He so cute. Because I know how much he likes IKEA I have sent him an IKEA gift card. It was sent today to Kiki’s house because the postal lady was quite cranky and wouldn’t guarantee it would get to you before you leave Singapore. How is that possible I asked? They don’t leave for a month? Her exact words were, “Honey, nowadays anything is possible”. The only thing missing was a cigarette hanging out of the corner of her mouth. She reminded me of the lunchroom lady on the Simpsons. It was funny. Needless to say she left me with almost no confidence so on to BARD it goes.

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