You know that feel you get when you look at old photographs, or flip through your high school yearbook? It’s not even old things, a joke you shared with a friend over dinner Thursday night where you laughed so hard the whole restaurant looked at you strangely.

It gives me the warm fuzzies and I can help but smile.

Thanks to everyone out there in my life. You make it special. Really, you all do. Thanks.

Of course, I doubly like the video, cause it involves bikes. 🙂

One thought on “Thanks…”

  1. Mom and Dad are not that old. But, friends are getting fewer and fewer. Some of them are dripping away for various reasons – personal, financial, long distance; some of them have failing health; and some of them simply disappear from this world.

    It is difficult to re-live the life that we (friends) shared so dearly before, at least in our memory.

    Right now, we (friends) have our own baggages to carry, own many more commitments and things. But, for sure, one way or other, friends are becoming a rare commondity in our (Mom and Dad)life as clocks ticking forward second by second.

    Even someday, Mom or Dad, one of them is going to depart first. It makes an old Chinese saying of “getting old alone without holding-hand (spouse) is difficult” more meaningful to us.

    Having saying all these, life itself has a awful of challenges and enjoyment that one should treasure while moving forward positively.

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