The adventures continue!

We made it over the Pacific Ocean and met up at Jeremy’s parents house only to discover that their basement has been flooded due to the recent rainy weather. Now this is normally no big deal except that the flooding incapacitated the water heater in the basement. No heat and no hot water and it is freezing outside! We are wearing our winter coats inside the house. No one has taken a shower and even doing dishes in the icy tap water is no fun. Of course, this hasn’t stopped Vince from playing with the sump pump discharge in the back yard and getting himself all wet in the 38 degree weather.


5 thoughts on “The adventures continue!”

  1. Yeah you are here!! I’m sorry it is so cold and wet though. All of you are welcome in Austin. We have no kitchen but if you want to visit the weather is 80 and the blubonnets are amazing,

  2. Oh my goodness! What a mess. My grandmother seems to attract water – her apartment floods somehow at least once a year, and she’s had similar problems every place she’s lived.

    May things dry out for you soon. I’ll send you warm dry vibes from Phoenix!

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