I’ve finally done it. I’ve loaded all my photos into Flickr. Man what a pain in the butt! But I’m liking the photostream orgtanization now. Too bad they don’t have Smart Sets tho – sets that you can auto sort based on a certain tag – kinda like filters or Smart Playlists like in iTunes.

The other highlight of today, was that Josh invited me, and Pei-Sun and Pei-Yean over for the much vaunted Google lunch. Yes he did blow past the more than 2 per month limit, but whatever. It was a really good meal. Salmon, really tender beef tips. grilled artichokes. A spread of bread, cheese, meats, a spread of 4 different frou frou spreads. Even the water wasn’t just plain water, but have lime and oranges mixed in for taste. All in all, probably better than most meals that I have eating out. If I ever worked for Google, I can see myself weighing 10 lbs more.

The highlight of the day came after lunch tho. Josh works about 1/2 a mile away from main campus. So we all hopped on some free bikes provided by Google and rode on over to the main campus to take a tour. They were fun cruisers with coaster brakes and spray painted in different crazy colors with orange safety flags. Neat. Reminds me that I should bring my camera with me all the time. I missed the photos of everyone riding around. 🙂

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  1. Hello
    I am trying to track down an old friend, because I am in San Francisco this week from Vermont and I’d love to say hello. Her name is Ananda, and you mention her and Tenere in an old blog post from several years ago. But perhaps you can tell me how to contact her. My name is Loona and we were once roommates at New Moon Collective, in the late 80s-early 90s. Please ask her to email me at or call 802-999-1943, my cell phone, if you know how to contact her. I would be most appreciative. Thanks and I hope it’s not an inconvenience.

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