The heat is on, the heat is oooo-n!

Jeremy been spending his days in Albany moving into our apartment. I have never seen the apartment, I only have a vague sense of where it is located. This, I guess, is marital trust. The kids and I have been struggling with jet lag.


The poor soybean, Edamame, is not sleeping well and spent all of last night wide awake and all of yesterday asleep. I swear, she was making backward progress on the jet lag, falling asleep at 9 am (9 pm Singapore time!)

The highlight of my day was the cheese aisle of the supermarket. Drool.


Vince and Katherine manned the shopping cart.


Edda was asleep.

2 thoughts on “The heat is on, the heat is oooo-n!”

  1. Yeah so glad your heat is back on. We felt really bad for all of you. A birthday package shouldbe arriving at Kiki and Bob’s on Saturday from the postoffice.

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