Moving on (again)

Yesterday was my last day of work at A**. This coming October would have been my 10th anniversary. While the timing of my departure was not voluntary, I have thought for quite a while that 10 years was long enough to stay in this industry. I am proud of what I accomplished and the way I accomplished it. I learned a lot about one version of “the real world” and I am pretty sure another 10 years there would not have been as satisfying as the first. Of course I am also annoyed, insulted and shell-shocked. But since we have no roots or commitments here in Albany and we are in good shape financially and mentally, it seems as good a time as any to move on. As soon as we can make our arrangements we will get our gypsy caravan on the road again and head south to Maryland. We will look for new careers in new fields with all the attendant excitement and anxiety. Doris is excited as well, and the kids seem game, so here we go!

6 thoughts on “Moving on (again)”

  1. Well, don’t attach too much about this event. Rena & I had this experience ourselves too. Just don’t get discourage and move on.

  2. gsoyukjIt happens to almost every one sooner or later. Sooner is the better. I know it well since I was terminated after 22 years of service Bchtel. Within a month, I found a better one. So “Moving on”.

  3. Hi Jeremy

    I am happy that you take it so positively. This “thing” can happen to anyone these days. I believe it is a great blessing in disguise for you. I wish you all the best in your future career!!

    Chew Hoe

  4. Scott moving on was the BEST THING in the whole world that has ever happened to us except for having Joshua. When I told Joshua you were moving to Maryland he said “they’re getting closer”.

    P.S. Scott’s dad lives in Maryland now.

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