On Life and Love…

Well… I’ve been thinking a lot lately (when have I not?)…

I talked to Choon about life and stuff on Saturday. I mentioned to him that I’m sorta feel a bit purposeless in life at the moment. Sure I enjoy myself, biking and whatnot, but you know really, I’ve got no responsiblities. I’ve got no goal in life – I don’t think I’ve really had a goal since college. He suggested that I come up with something to focus myself. His goal, of course, was to become a CxO (CEO, CFO, CTO), which made him realize that his regular job wasn’t going to get him there, and so he quit and started is own company. It’s definitely something that I admire.

I guess this come to the love part. I think part of the reason that I don’t want to figure out my life right now, is that I’d want to figure out my life with someone. You know, have some emotional support or feel like we’re building a life together. As people grow older, it seems more and more, than instead of forming something together, it’s more about how someone fits into your life. I dunno. Seem rather… depressing.

Anyways, perhaps I’m forced to change my worldview at this point. Maybe I’m forced to go out on my own to figure things out. Can I say that I don’t like it one bit?

4 thoughts on “On Life and Love…”

  1. Aw bro, you are doing great. It’s all OK, you’ll find the right person someday and it’ll be perfect, but things are good for you right now too. KWIM?

  2. Don, as I know from personal experience, avoiding responsibilities is hard work. Congratulations!

    Many people make the mistake of not finding out what they want from life or who they are before they end up taking someone else along for the bumpy ride.

  3. Yeah. Choon mentioned that last part – what if someone doesn’t want to change with you…

    I don’t have a good answer for that… but hopefully we’d both be a little flexible.

  4. I can only speak from my own experience and that men were always more attractive to me if they were happy and satisfied with themselves and the life they’d created, before I came in to their lives. It didn’t matter if they worked in a bike shop or were in charge of their own companies, (both of which were real and not just coincidental to your life). Otherwise, it was too much pressure on me to “be there for them”. To quote a line from a Jimmy Dale Gilmore song, no matter who is lying in bed next to you “you still have to go to sleep alone”. But that is not a bad thing. Being comfortable with being alone and liking it was an attractive quality.

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