We got rid of the toaster!

Sheila, who comments often on this blog under the name sherah, is my absolute hero when it comes to clutter control. In her house, there are no piles of papers, no old magazine issues, no things that are unused or unloved. Everything has it’s purple proper place. It’s neat, yet not intimidating – orderly, yet not fussy.

The last time we got together, she told a funny story about how she got rid of her toaster. I looked at her and asked what she did when she wanted toast. She said, “The oven toasts just fine! I can’t have 2 things in the kitchen that do the same thing.” I couldn’t believe it. No toaster!

So, Sheila, I though of you fondly when I found Jeremy this morning, bent over the open oven door, toasting our morning breakfast in the oven.


We started visiting schools for Edda – today we went to the Spotted Zebra Preschool (love the name). This school was opened in 2005 by a parent who wasn’t satisfied with the preschools she saw for her autistic son. It’s an integrated program – 12 kids in each class, 6 special needs and 6 typical kids. They focus on kids with language and social delays. Edda has more physical needs than they typically deal with. They are also full for the fall, so we’ll keep looking.

But we did take some time to enjoy their playground (Jeremy in his work clothes).


Our sweet, next, next door neighbors invited us for dinner tonight. Vince and I made a pound cake for dessert. I’m not sure what is going on with our oven – the recipe said 50 minutes at 350F and I think I had to bake it for twice that length of time. So frustrating when you go in to get a cake and the top is still liquid. Ugh. Also, I let Vince lick the beater.


10 thoughts on “We got rid of the toaster!”

  1. Doris, I just can’t get over the choices you have for Edda. Our choices is Developmental Preschool (contained) or paying out of pocket for something else. I am just amazed at how different it is!


  2. I’m sure a toaster is way more energy efficient. I wonder if over its lifetime it makes up for the energy used in making and dispoing of a toaster.

  3. Doris is exaggerating a little. Our trusty old toaster oven was not working when it came out of storage. I bought a cheap replacement at Target, which did not do a good job toasting denser bread. We returned it, I scanned the internet for reviews, and a new one is on order from Amazon, expected sometime soon. I toast the bread in my sandwich every day, and our oven takes 10-20 minutes (and a lot of electricity) to get hot. So living without a toaster is not an option.

  4. Scott said to tell you that we don’t even have an oven to make toast in right now! But most of the world does not have a toater or running water or electricity so we can suffer through. Construction is a pain but I think it is also cool that we have lived with so very little in the kitchen (if you can call it that) since Februrary. No water and only a microwave and hot plate. Dinners are not too bad. I do miss washing my vegetables in the kitchen though. The boys bathroom here is bit yucky at times. Scott still misses the toaster though and the only way we are getting another one is if he goes out and buys it. If he waits on me it just isn’t going to happen. Maybe he should consult with Jeremy.

  5. We actually just stopped having toast when we lost the toaster. We do have those toasted little pieces of bread you put brie on when you are trying to impress, but they make a very small and unsatisfying BLT…when we were kids we had the toaster you had to open up and flip the bread over, giving your mother two chances to burn it…but we did without the microwave, the cell phone, the internet, car seats, call waiting and snowboards and our lives still seemed complete…

  6. I will post a review of the toaster and how it changes my life once I receive it. I am trying to resist a big mobile phone/handheld computer, but the toaster I need.

  7. rebecca – i know, each state is completely different. It’s crazy and unpredictable.

    the rest of you! so much commotion about a toaster, ha ha. you guys are camping in your house. hee hee.

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