Camp and medical frustrations.

Getting a camp physical and vaccinations up to date so Vince can start summer camp on Monday was complicated today. Two referrals to two pediatricians led to two phone calls which said, sorry, no appointments until August! Argh!

So we went to a minute clinic at a CVS and then they referred us to a walk-in clinic down the road. I love the minute clinic, service just like in Singapore. You walk in, no appointment necessary – staffed with folks who can treat ear infections and seasonal allergies – it’s great and (relatively) cheap. Then you can pick up your prescription 10 feet away. Genius.

It’s also a relief to be able to answer in quick succession –

any medical problems – no!
any medications – no!
any developmental delays – no!
any speech problems – no!
any physical limitations – no!
OK – kid you are ready for summer camp – let me sign all the forms….

because I have had many, many, many conversations with medical professionals are much more complicated.

3 thoughts on “Camp and medical frustrations.”

  1. I know what you mean. I can start to feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy doesn’t hold the foot ball for him. My advice is save those immunization records in a good spot for every time you need them. I used to forget where I kept Joshua’s. And, learn what all those crazy acronymns on the forms stand for! Every single year I have to give the same info I gave last year to the school or the camp or whomever demands them. They hold me hostage until I do. I don’t mind, it is for everyone’s good but it can drive me a bit nuts at times. Even after being vaccinated, Joshua still got whooping cough because someone else didn’t have their vaccination or it “wore off”. Did you know they can wear off?

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