Boston! MIT! Harvard! Wedding!

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Well Got in from Boston yesterday. Had a pretty good time. It’s quite sad tho. I don’t know Boston at all. I spent waaaaay too much time on campus. I never had time to do the touristy stuff. Choon would ask me, “What’s here? What’s there?”. I could only say that I had never been to those places. Sigh.

MIT was interesting. I saw the new Stata building. I heard from Amy that everyone hates working in it cause it’s all weirdly shaped. Oh also the new Sponge dorm, apparently all the furniture is made from poured concrete, so if you want to change your room around, you have to call Facilities to have people come and move your furniture.

Oh yeah, there was a wedding. There’s Ken and all the girls. Hahah. Too bad it was on the only cloudy day of the weekend. Oh and I absolutely loved their photographer. She was a photojournalist for a long time, and doesn’t normally do weddings. But since Ken and Lia are easy going folks, with an easy going wedding, she agreed to do it. We bonded over our Nikon kits. Basically I had the same camera that she had, except that she had two of them. 🙂

Too bad we couldn’t get Ken to say “Pianist” in his Austrailian accent.. ha!

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  1. Ah. I’ve been trying to play around with flash a bit more. It really really helps fill in the shadows… I haven’t figured out all the modes yet, so some of my photos turned out obviously blown out… hrm…

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