Family updates.


Ruby: Running 8 minute miles with Jeremy. Loves to hunt the groundhogs in the backyard. Still afraid of thunder.

Vince: Camp-dude. Went swimming today and made a sand jar with different layers of colored sand. Ate only 50% of sandwich at lunch, ignored his juice box, apples, carrot sticks and Cool Ranch Doritostm (!)

Edda: Her happy, carefree TV watching days are numbered – school district has all the paperwork, may go to summer school as soon as Monday (highly unlikely, but I’m hoping). We are gamely trying to get her to use her hands again to eat grapes. It’s not fun.

Jeremy: Totally cute in his suit which he wears 3 times a week to meet with his “contacts”. Walked past Barbara Boxer’s office in the House yesterday (wearing the suit). Has used the suit more times in the past 2 weeks than the prior nine years we have been together. He has become Middle Aged Mantm.

me: I fill out endless forms and various resumes hoping that I’ll find a job. I’ve also been trying to mulch in the backyard to tame the weeds on the property, but it’s a losing battle.

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  1. I am lucky that I be able to see your text on this blog. It will be better if they do not block the pictures. I guess I should not ask for too much.

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