Running away.

Jeremy’s slimmed down nicely since he left his previous place of employment. The grippy love handles have shrunk down and the chubby hubby belly has pretty much disappeared. The suit that he’s been wearing is a little too big and his neck isn’t constrained at all by his collar. It’s because he’s been running everyday.

Ruby can keep up with Jeremy for about 3 miles at a moderate pace, but today Jeremy wanted to run fast, fast, fast. Too fast for Ruby, so he told me that I had to take Ruby running. So I did, I took Ruby for a 25 minute walk + a five minute jog. It was nice. As soon as I got home, Jeremy said that I sounded much better, more relaxed.

On another note, Edda has these cute, cute dresses that she likes to wear. The trick is that sometimes her diaper falls off without anyone noticing. Today she peed on the carpet. I’m so sorry mom!

3 thoughts on “Running away.”

  1. It is OK, Edda sweety.

    Happy to know every one is in a good shape. I am looking forward to seeing you soon. So far, my boss has not fixed the date for me yet. I am waiting.

  2. I have been amazed at how good I feel on the days when I bike to work. It’s truly impressive how much even just a little exercise can do–for the body and for the spirit!

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