Missing Singapore


Vincent has been tearful the past few days missing his pals from Singapore. I know it’s tough for him to adjust to the rough and tumble mannerisms of his camp-mates. It also doesn’t help that he’s the littlest one at camp. Each time we suggest something fun to do, he resists and cries. Also when I don’t take his suggestions (Mom! Please wear your high heels and go bike riding with me!), he just crumples with sobs. It’s not as if he doesn’t like camp or the things we do, it’s just that the moving and the job searching has been hard on him.


It’s pretty much impossible to get Edda to drink enough liquid. She knows how to drink through a straw, but she probably drinks less than on cup of liquid a day. I try, with orange juice, apple juice, milk, water… Today I discovered the magic elixir, I’m embarrassed to say that she loves cherry Kool-Aid. She drank 4 glasses at dinner without spilling a drop.


Summertime smile.


2 thoughts on “Missing Singapore”

  1. We know how you feel…..you have to find WHATEVER works! Right now Brooklyns favorite is white grape juice. YEAH Edda….glad you like the koolaid!

  2. Sure, the nice people in Singapore are nice, and it’s fun to be taller than everybody, but surely you don’t miss the atrocious customer service!

    I am now grateful if deliveries and service people show up within an hour of the appointment time and don’t break anything (plates, toilet, curtains (!)) while they are here.

    I guess in a big city, you don’t need repeat business to stick around.

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