The world is small.

Today I had an informational interview at a biotech company about 2 miles from where we live. He’s a classmate of mine (who I did not know) was kind enough to tell me a little bit about the history of the biotech industry in Montgomery county and figure out how I could find myself a position within the industry.

I’m always so nervous before these little sessions, I know the Martin men look at me strangely when I tell them that it takes me a lot of psychic energy to speak with people I don’t know. It doesn’t matter that we spoke easily about science and protein purification for two hours, found out that we have a close friend in common and, at the end, discussed the hourly rate for a high-school babysitter, it’s still tough for me to start off a conversation.

I figure I have to talk to about 15-25 people face-to-face before I find a job, I’ve done 2 so far. Sigh.

The Sunday dinner was shifted to Friday night for various reasons. The cousins are getting more used to having Edda around and Edda is getting used to everyone else’s house. Sarah was feeding Edda grapes (so cute!) and the kids put on a performance and Edda kept weaving in an out of the kids giving everyone a slobbery slap on the arm.


One thought on “The world is small.”

  1. You and Donald sometimes made fun of me because I talked to strangers all the time. Remember, one time, I talked to a guy in a highway toll booth about his funny and long name while you, Donald and Mom were with me. You all looked at me thinking I was crazy or something ?.

    You see, this is the opposite end results of trying too hard to correct myself of not talking.

    I was borned to be a quiet person. My high school nickname is “MONK” because I didn’t associate with people at lot. Just sitting there and doing my own things. This way, it hasn’t work for me at all. Without communication with other people nothing gets done. With a lot, nothing gets done either. There is a fine in between. Sometimes, I know that I just talk too much.

    Generally, I find myself really like to meet people. It is fun and not hard to do.

    Talking to your Mom and Dad often yield yourselves some useful information. Especially, we carry the same set of genes. And your Mom and Dad are much older and with wealth of working experience how to deal with them effectively.

    Donald, I am pretty impressed that you invited uncle Robert to have launch with you. It was good.

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