Singin’ the blues.

Finding a job and new friends make me feel blue. I know that I will find both, but today the tasks seem daunting.

4 thoughts on “Singin’ the blues.”

  1. oqlcWhen daddy was trying to find his first job, it took him about 6 months. He wrote at least 500 letters in 1970. At that time I was a graduate student and with no resident card with $2000.00 in packet. I am sure daddy told you the story about Baltimore Sun Newspaper. Daddy was feeling very low and early in the morning; we went to McMhary (sp?). There was only one person sitting there reading the paper. I told daddy we could wait for his newspaper. We waited a while and he did throw his newspaper into trash can and left. We went to the trash can and picked up the newspaper. Every section was there except the classified section. We laughed very laud, and left the par. We bought our own newspaper. On that paper, there was an advertisement from Dynatham need an engineer with heat transfer background. Daddy updated his resume and wrote a cover letter. Few days later, interview followed. Week later, he started his first job.

    Doris, I am sure you will find a job since you have working experience. Be cheerful!

  2. Doris you are so right that finding a job is daunting. But what I do know is when you do find one those folks are going to be so lucky to have you! So, be picky.

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