We all live in a yellow submarine.

The bus came today to pick up Edda! Curb-to-curb service. School is a mysterious thing now – the bus comes and three hours later she gets dropped off in front of the house and is smiling and happy, but I have no idea what happened at school. It’s not as if she’ll tell us.


This huge bus is for 4 kids. There are 2 adults, a driver and an aide and there are six Graco car seats strapped into the front 3 rows of seats. So cute! Vince wanted to take the picture of the bus, so you see my backside as I try to see them strapping Edda into her carseat.

There is a bird’s nest right outside the front door. I bet when they built that nest they weren’t counting on 2 kids and a dog disturbing their tranquil neighborhood.


3 thoughts on “We all live in a yellow submarine.”

  1. Happy to know Edda likes the school. Normally, the birds have their nests inside of the dryer vent at the back of the house. it may be too warm for them now so they moved to the front.

  2. How exciting to ride a big yellow bus! For Caitlyn, we put a spiral notebook in her backpack and asked the teacher if someone could just write a little note about her day. It was great for us. Some days it was a simple “Caitlyn had a good day.” Or other days they would write more…Later in the year the teacher put together a simple form for him or the aides to fill out..I can scan and email the form if you’re interested..

    Glad she is having fun at school!

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