July 4th Partay.

Well, I think our July 4th party was a success… Over 50 people showed up. We had food/grillings/desserts at our place, and JT had smoothies/fruit/drinks at his place down the street. Sadly I didn’t take a single picture throughout the whole event, so hopefully someone else (Frank?) can slide me some photos.

I must say that I had the easy job – desserts. Since desserts are really all prep work anyways. Frank had the hardest time since he was outside grilling, and it was a freakin’ hot day. And he was standing out in the sun. He was there for a good 4-5 hours, requesting drinks from the gentle ladies as he would say. Ha!.

Right at 2pm, it was dead. We were all in the kitchen prepping. about 2:02, 3 of my friends showed up and I had time to chat with them, give them a tour of the place. sit down. I got up to make some bruschetta. Then all of a sudden we got slammed with like 20 people all showing up at once. From that point on it was pretty much non stop all day. Frank was grilling as fast as he could to keep up with demand. A tart I made, was gone in like 10 minutes. The bruschetta was gone in 2. Sadly nobody seemed to like my apple pie or bread pudding. Probably because the bread pudding didn’t go all the way to the top? Or at least the chocolate crossaint side of it was much better? hrm…

It was fun. Some people brought their kids over. A friend brought her 2 dogs – some sort of retriever mix. They were a big hit at the party. She left them at my place to go watch Transformers. I took them on a walk. Fun. Dogs aren’t half bad. 🙂 Of course, we got the glowing review of Transformers, so Frank, JT and I, went to see it at night after everyone had left. Some impressive CG stuff.

And that was the night! surprisingly, we don’t have all that much food left over too. But we have a ton of beer…. Frank? 😛

Also. I got on the scale at the end of the day. Guess what? 170.5. Not too shabby for eating so much!

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