Edda’s first day of school.

Edda was so excited to start school today that she was eating her hand. Oh wait, I forgot, she always eats her hand. So much for that idea.


It was just fine and dandy and, of course, disorganized, just like I expected her summer session to be. They are having a hard time convincing teachers to work during their summer vacations, so Edda’s going to have a mishmash of different teachers over the 5 weeks which is fine by me.

I went to Goodwill today to get rid of some stuff. I came back with a ten dollar bike for Vincent. He’s outgrown his little bike, and this one had a cute bell on it already – I couldn’t resist.


We went to the park to try out the training-wheel-less bicycle and to have Edda careen down some hills.

7 thoughts on “Edda’s first day of school.”

  1. Vince can pretty much balance on the bike while he’s going straight. Turning and stopping without crashing are issues.

    Edda started going to school about a year and a half ago in Singapore – so she started when she was almost 3.

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