Weekend Update.

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Well it’s been a busy weekend. Giro di Peninsula on Saturday. Organized by none other than the great Yi-Ling. We did about 69 miles, but we cheated, and instead of doing the official 100k course, we did part of the 100 mile course that looped out to San Gregorio. Yi-Ling was complaining a bit about having to climb so much and wanted a shorter ride, but nobody was having none of that. She can handle the climbs no problem. Actually all she really needs to learn is to be comfortable sitting behind Charles and drafting him on the flats. At some point Yi-Ling was the one sticking her head in a good 15-20mph headwind for all of us. Not exactly saving yourself for the climbs.

On the whole tho. It was a pretty good ride. Definitely, I’m a bit tired today, so it was good. And omg, the chocolate chip cookies were excellent. Especially the ones that have been in the sun for a little bit – all the chocolate chips morsels were melted with the outer part still crunchy. MMMM…

That’s Ky in the photo. Notice the (lack of) cycling shoes? 😛

Also went to see Ronnie in his musical – Wonderful Town. It’s about these 2 girls who go to NY for their shot at Broadway. At one point, Ronnie had to get up on some crates and do a jiggle dance. Since, Ronnie doesn’t dance, like… EVER… Larry thought that scene alone was worth the $25 admission.

Today was cleaning day, prep for the 4th of july party at our place. Our house is CLEAN. By god… everything got scrubbed and vacuumed today. Not bad for a place with 4 guys living in it. I will make an apple pie, perhaps a tart, and most definitely I will try my hand at bread pudding. Woot!

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