Knitting and coffeecake!

I’d like to thank Hattie from Stitch Therapy for being a great secret pal. I’ve participated in a bunch of these swaps before and she’s the first one who sent me an actual knitted item! I am so excited 🙂

A lovely scarf in the softest green yarn ever.


A coffee cup holder, which is a clever thing to use up a bit of leftover sock yarn. Now I just have to go to starbucks and try it out.


Also, look at some of the other goodies Hattie sent!



Am I doing any knitting you ask? Well as a matter of fact I am!


Look, it’s just about 6 inches too short. I got impatient with the ocean of plain knitting so I just had to stop it after a while. Maybe I should give it to a child. Also, the joining of the yarn didn’t turn out so well, one of them is located about 4 inches below my chin centered in the middle of my chest. It’s quite noticeable. I don’t even think I’m going to finish weaving in the ends for this one.

Annual 4th of July block party today. Jeremy’s contribution was a success.


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