NYC and a surprise.

We went to NYC on Friday to:

1. have Jeremy meet with a contact.
2. see my roommate from college, Karen, and finally have her meet Jeremy and the kids
3. to hang with the grandparents
4. to see an old family friend, Cladd
5. to go on a 2 hour date with Jeremy
7. to help Emy move upstate

and finally,

8. to sit in traffic for a bazillion hours on 95.

I don’t know what I was thinking leaving DC at 4pm on Friday afternoon and coming back from NYC at 2 pm Sunday afternoon, 95 is pretty much like a parking lot and although the drive should take less than 4.5 hours, it took us just over 6. It was kind of like ripping a Band-Aid off very slowly from a hairy area of your body.

The weekend was wonderful, especially Saturday where we got to spend most of the day at the Museum of Natural History with family and friends.

On the subway:


Also, as I was sitting in traffic an hour away from the house heading towards NYC, I had a faint fly in my ear telling me that I had left the stove on. But I reasoned that if I had left the stove on, the house would already be on fire and certainly the neighbors would call the fire department and they would remember that we gave some money in their annual fund drive and take care of our burning house and that nothing would be gained by turning around and facing all the hours of traffic again.

So all weekend, I waited for the call which would tell me that the house was burned down. So when on Sunday at 7 am, my dad called on my cell phone, I was sure that he was calling about the house being burned to a crisp, instead he asked where the heck we were because mom had returned to the house from China without telling us and wanted to surprise us! Well we were very surprised and high-tailed it as fast as we could (at 30 mph) back to DC where she had scrambled eggs and warm porridge waiting for our tummies.

6 thoughts on “NYC and a surprise.”

  1. It is always great to have Mom around. She hung on me and said she had to go the kitchen to do something 🙂

    Well, get Ms. S.M. Ling’s phone number from Mom and put it into your cells. She is nearby and, I am certain, she is willing to check the stove for you 🙂

  2. New York City. Imagine that. I liked the subway picture. NYC is Joshua’s favorite big city. When he found out that on almost every street corner there are hot dogs, pizza or ice cream he thought he’d died and gone to heaven! He left for camp for 2 weeks yesterday and it is so lonesome here in our house. It is hard to walk past his room with his bed so perfectly made and him not in it. Oops, sorry to talk about me on this blog. Bet Vince loved the museum. It is such a great place. Where did Emy move to?

  3. New York City….how fun. The traffic, not so fun! I bet the kids loved the museum. I hope Edda was ok with all the sights and sounds. Sometimes Brooklyn loves lots of sights and sounds and other day it seems “too much.” Glad you had a good tim!

  4. O loves NYC as well. She loves the different noises and people watching. We are planning on taking her on the USAirways shuttle to NYC next time, so that she gets used to the plane.

    Driving on 95, in traffic, is unbearable. We drove back from the Hamptons on July 4th one year and it took us 8 hours! Therefore, I would suggest getting the Easy Pass if you travel up that way often. We love it because it cuts through all the traffic in Delaware and the Holland Tunnel.

  5. Ah yes, the joys of 95. When we moved down here from CT, we deliberately left at 1:30am and pulled an all-nighter so that we wouldn’t have to deal with traffic on top of everything else.

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