Occupational therapy


Edda’s hand use is at an all time low. She doesn’t even reach out for food these days although she still does smack the TV to ask us to turn it on. We’ve been using her arm brace much, much less than in Singapore. Only a few months ago, I think we had it on her arm almost all day and all night. Now we use it pretty much only at meals (because she’ll put her hand in her mouth while she has a mouthful of food, totally messy and gross) – sometimes not even necessary at meals.

She still mouths like crazy, but instead of it being 95% of the time, maybe it’s 50% of the time.

I posted this picture of Edda’s OT, I think it’s so cute, they really like each other and they have the same haircut.

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  1. I am glad she likes her OT. That is a HUGE plus when the girls like the therapists! I just ordered an arm brace for Brooklyn this weekend. He hand use is very low, she just smacks at things and is not very consitant with that really.

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